Axman the beginning

The Axman project came about after a collaboration between Marc Blake and Duncan Newham on the science fiction movie “Area 52”, whilst showing great promise the project was shelved due to budgetary constraints Sci Fi being notoriously expensive to shoot.

Whilst Axman was originally written as a stage play it soon became obvious it was ideally suited to be made into a full length feature film.

First view of the script was on the 14th of April 2017 and like all good thrillers it ended on a cliffhanger, the writer (Marc) had only sent act one! FreeSprite Media Ltd ( agreed to fund the movie and provide the location, production equipment and expertise to make the film.

Steven Berkoff was originally approached for the role of Gordon “would sell your granny to white slavers” but due to commitments on the TV show Vikings he was unable to take the role.

Casting and set design started in earnest in June 2017 with most of the main cast being onboard by late September 2017

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